Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Catching Up 2

Is it sad that when I went to type in the title, it came up as an option? Meaning I've already titled at least one post "Catching Up".

Every life change brings new schedule changes. And I'm a huge routine person. I won't say that I do the exact same thing every day, or every week even, but I do have several things I do the same way every time, and I do them quite regularly. This being said, having a new job (about which I will update you momentarily) wreaks havoc on my current schedule. This makes me busy for about a week or so while I get used to it. Then I can settle into routine and blog again. Not that I'm a regular blogger anyway.


New job. Yes.

I'm working as a clerk in a warehouse. Please, save your disparaging remarks about how you used to work in a warehouse or that I'm not using my degree. I really really like my job. I really like the people with whom I work. I really like getting at least 40 hours a week. I really like having a half hour lunch break. I really like getting paid more than minimum wage. I like filing papers and entering data. I like hunting down products in the warehouse. I even like giving directions to truckers who call when they're lost. ("Yep, the driveway before the Nissan dealership. ... Yes, the one that says 'No trucks or trailers'.")

I've got loans. A girl with loans can't complain about the job that'll pay them off. It's only an added bonus that I like what I do.

And really. Let's be honest. All those people who have been asking forever, "A performance degree? What are you going to do with that?" - they've made a good point. But for a while I've been saying, "Work a day job and write songs." Maybe I originally entered the program with intentions of making a full-time music career, but since I got some sense knocked into me (Thanks, CMC!) I've realized that nothing of the sort is going to happen immediately. The best I can do is pay off my loans as soon as possible.

Okay, so you know about my job now.

Other things, I've got a boyfriend now. He's 6'5", has a beard, and is a reverend. (Yes, this blog is still run by the girl who said she'd never be a pastor's wife.)

And today I reorganized my closet for maximum efficiency. Because we all know closets are supposed to be about efficiency.

Love and homemade headbands,
Leah Joy

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  1. I love you, AND I miss you!

    I am in a January mood, and have been rearranging furniture and organizing my little heart out.

    I am very, very pleased to know how much you are enjoying your new job!