Friday, July 22, 2011

Pre-Marital Counseling, Nannying, and Scarlett - Oh My!

Believe it or not, I've been trying to post on here for a week or two, but I couldn't get on. It just wouldn't log me in for some reason. I have it set to store my password, too, so I couldn't even change it. I finally went on another computer tonight and logged in there and changed the password. Anyway, all this to say, I'm sorry for neglecting you, but only the last 2 weeks weren't really my fault. Okay, sort of.


To catch you up on all that has happened would be impossible, impractical, and lots of other negative words. So, as is clear in my title, I'll focus on the three big things, in reverse order.

I've finally read Gone With the Wind. Yes, I should have read it years ago - but I didn't. I loved it. I started it on Friday, July 15 and finished on the 20th. I couldn't put it down! I have some friends (identical twins, actually) who love the book - but they each feel differently about who was right, Scarlett or Rhett. They were both very curious which one I'd pick, and I've got to say I pick Rhett. Scarlett did what she had to survive, for a while, but then she was never satisfied. "When I get enough money...." But she never had enough! She kept pushing and pushing for better positions. And then when she finally had all the money she wanted, what did she do? Flaunt it - just like her "white trash" neighbors! That makes her exactly as horrible as they. Okay, so she kind of reformed at the end, but too late! Sorry, Mrs. Butler, there are consequences!

Whereas Rhett, despite his cynical heart, did everything in his power to reform for the sake of his daughter. And he kept it up even after she died. (Okay, he turned to drinking, but he did go to his family in Charleston to try to make amends there!) And seriously? I don't blame him for not believing Scarlett. She lied and used her feminine wiles to get what she wanted for 1030 pages before she finally spend the last 7 pages longing for Rhett. Not a great percentage there, Scarlett O'Hara Hamilton Kennedy Butler.

In other news, I've taken up my old job at my neighbors'. The warehouse world is a very interesting one full of so much unnecessary drama and I was glad to get out of there. If you really want the whole story, just ask me, but when my neighbor let her former nanny go (Claire was crying all day... really? I think the nanny's gotta go) I gladly put in my 2 weeks. So I'm installed next door 45-ish hours a week taking care of a sweet little 10-year-old girl. Her 13-year-old sister is there, too, but as she's 13, she doesn't really need a nanny. I'm more there as her friend. So we've been doing all sorts of things: making Jell-O, reading princess and fairy books, patching serious gaps in her education (i.e. watching The Wizard of Oz), and other such nonsense.

Caleb and I are getting closer to the day! 43 more days. I'm so excited to spend forever getting to know each other and love each other. And fight once in a while, because let's be realistic. We had premarital counseling scheduled with the pastor of our church (and his wife) but then he resigned, so that made it a little ... difficult. Caleb found a good friend of his who pastors a church between Cedar Springs and Greenville, MI. We finally had our first meeting with him yesterday and we've got a book we're going through with him. We're also doing another one on our own. As another one of Caleb's pastor friends said, "Premarital counseling isn't really about fixing all these problems. It's about starting discussions that you'll get to talk more about later when you're married and annoyed at each other." (Or words to that effect.) So we've discussed a lot of important things, like who cleans the toilet, and how we understand apologies.

I've also made a list of everything (I think) that needs to get done before the wedding. It's a deceptively short list, but I'm glad. I'm not really a stresser and I don't want to be.

In other wedding news, we've got 2 showers coming up. The first one is a week from Sunday, and is being thrown by some people at the camp where Caleb works. It's a co-ed shower, which is good, since Caleb knows all the people and I know about 4 of them. We're having another one the Saturday after that and that's for both of our families and all my friends. (Most of my friends are boys, and since the shower is only for girls, it's a nice small crowd.) We wanted to keep it simple since neither of us has a lot of female relatives in town - why have more than one shower? I've never been too excited about showers, but with my family and friends, it should be pretty fun!

I made chocolate-chip scones today and they were delicious.

Love and Thank-You Notes,
Leah Joy

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