Thursday, August 29, 2013

I Got A Planner!

If you've been reading this blog at all, or have ever met me, you know I am obsessive about organizing and planning.  I don't always do them very well, but I really really want to!

In college, I purchased this fabulous day planner.  It took me a long time to find, because most people, it seems, are perfectly content having one week spread across only two pages.  And also, apparently, the only people who want a whole page for each day, have no need for pretty colors but they have large budgets.  (Okay, so a pretty color is not necessary, but it is nice!)  Eventually, I found this one at Barnes and Noble for under $15.  Isn't it lovely?  The cover is beautiful and sturdy, and it's refillable (although the refill costs only a few dollars less than the whole dealio).

The pages are perfect.  Each page has a large circle at the top with the date (it also reminds you of the month number in case you forgot), surrounded by a small scheduler.  Just below that is a box to write in that day's priorities, followed by lines that run for most of the rest of the page.  I loved that the whole page isn't taken up by scheduling, because I wanted to use that space for writing homework assignments in college (and funny quotes).  As if this weren't enough, each page also has the Julian date and what week of the year it is.  There's even a little perforated tab in the corner to act as your bookmark.  (In college, I used a binder clip instead.)

So what's my point?  I'm getting there.  Hold your figurative horses.

After college, I felt no need for a planner, so I stopped buying the refill, and I'm pretty sure I eventually threw the cover out.  It had been through a lot, though I'm sure it would have still been fine.  It wasn't even worn so much as dirty.

Until very recently, I felt like I was okay without a planner.  I used a calendar and that worked because I didn't have a lot going on - like anything... at all.  But lately, I've been feeling kind of lost when it comes to scheduling.  Someone will throw a date at me, and if it doesn't 'ring a bell' in my head, I assume I'm free that day.  This works sometimes, but as I plan more things, it will not work so well.  So I did some planner research.

It actually took me a few days to find this one again.  I was finding only ugly brown, black, or forest green ones on Amazon - and I felt like I was settling with their page layout.  So I didn't buy one, but kept looking.  I finally found this one at Barnes and Noble again.  I also checked out the Quo Vadis website (the planner company) and found that it's sold at a few other places, but it's more expensive there for some reason.  Oh, and Barnes and Noble only sells the August-July version, not the January-December version, so if you really need a January-December version, it'll cost you at least $10 extra because you have to buy it somewhere else.  Weird.

Anyway, all this to say that we ordered it and it came yesterday and I'm so excited!!!!  And now I can plan things.

Sorry if you actually read all this.  :)

Love and Turquoise,
Leah Joy

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