Friday, October 25, 2013

Dollar Tree "Washi Tape"

So, I know I'm a little late on the washi tape train.  I bought my first roll a couple of months ago when there was a crazy sale + coupon deal at Meijer and I got the roll for under a dollar.  (For some reason, I lost that roll last week very randomly.  Seriously, I had it one minute, and then I set it somewhere and went to look for it for 10 minutes and couldn't find it.  It is still missing!)  Anyway, that one was Scotch Expressions brand and it was a turquoise with just a bit of a feather pattern in the background.  I picked it out for labeling.  Then, for my birthday last month, my aunt sent me a really cool roll of music note washi tape.  

And then at the Dollar Tree this week, I discovered 'washi tape'!  Of course, they call it Decorative Adhesive Paper Tape.  And there is a difference in quality and feel.  While the other tapes feel very flexible (like tape), this one feels more like sticky paper (much more stiff).  But it does still pick up easily and stick back down, which is helpful.  And it's $1!  (Duh.)

I bought 7 rolls, but gave 3 of them away as gifts.  Here are the ones I kept:

You can see all the styles available here.

And now they're posing with my music note washi tape:

So far I've used them for labeling, decorating cards, wrapping presents, and as masking tape for the chain chomp ornament.

Have you gotten on the washi tape bandwagon?  What do you do with yours?

Love and Paisleys,
Leah Joy

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