Friday, October 18, 2013

Scarf Storage

So, my earrings are now all nice and neat, but I also have a lot of scarves.  When I lived with my parents until Caleb and I got married, I kept them on one of those expandable wooden wall racks and in a milk crate.  With the two, I was able to keep them fairly organized.  When we moved to the apartment, I was lacking in space, so I kept them all in a milk crate.  Not the best storage, but it worked for the space.  And since we moved here, I've kept them in that crate.  But it's a mess.  Scarves spill over the sides, and I have a few nicer ones that get all crumpled and wrinkled.  Last night, I'd had enough, so I organized them a little bit.  I folded all my scarves and put them in the crate like this:

I shoved mittens and wrist warmers on the left side.  On top of that, I put easily moveable things: my hats and leg warmers.

The whole thing slides under our bedroom bookshelves.  But we already have a problem.  That pink one on top is the scarf I was wearing yesterday.  I did fold it when I put it away, but I did not put it in nicely with all the others. 

This either means that I will only wear this particular scarf again, or I'm back on my way to a mess.

I also have some lighter scarves that I use mostly for my hair.  I folded those, too, and placed them in a bag.

It sits next to the crate.

Now anyone who has ever met me can tell you this will last maybe 4 days.  I simply will not fold up a scarf every day and put it away nicely.  And I know this, too.  I just was sick of them being all over the floor.  But now I need to come up with a better idea.  

There are all sorts of ideas out there - here are a few that look good to me:

(Similar to the first, but on a wall instead of in the closet.)

The problem with the wall storage is finding a wall for it.  Yes, we have plenty of wall space in our bedroom, but I don't want these all over the wall.  Hanging my necklaces was enough for me.  I love that our walls are almost bare.  It's very serene and peaceful, and hanging up 30 scarves is going to be the opposite of that.  

So, that's what I'm trying to work through right now.  Any suggestions?  If you have half a million scarves, too, how have you organized them?

Love and Silk,
Leah Joy

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  1. I tried the shower curtain/hanger thing. It looks cute, but does not work well (yet). As soon as the weight gets off balance, all the scarves slide to one side. I am thinking of attempting to make it better by wrapping the hanger with ribbon, or something to make it less slippery. I've also seen cute scarf holders for like $5, so I might just go that route. The best thing about this method, however, is that you can store a whole lot of scarves in a small space. AND, as an added bonus, it's pretty easy to maintain the organization.