Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The End is Here!

Summer camp is over and I am back with some very exciting announcements!

(None of them involve offspring, so just stop thinking that, okay?)

First of all, my last day of camp work was this past Friday!  That's right, not just last day for the summer, but last day!  (Okay, I still have one day of training with my replacement, but still.)  Caleb and I decided it was time for a change, and with some nice signals from God that we'd be okay, I tendered my resignation. (What a grown-up phrase.) I left the camp on good terms, and hope to still be involved in some of their fundraising and outreach events.

Second of all, I have made it through our library's hiring process to be in the 'pool' of shelvers for hire.  I don't have a job yet, but when a shelver position opens up, I will!  That might not sound exciting to you, but to the girl who alphabetized her mother's extensive CD collection at age 10 (for fun, mind you), this is a really exciting thing!  Part of the interview process was to take a shelving test, and I had so much fun putting all the books in order.

And third and finally, I have decided to open up a home bakery!  I've had this idea mulling around in my noggin for months, since basically anytime I bring baked goods to someone, he or she usually responds with, "This is soo good! You should work in a bakery."  As Caleb and I started talking about needing to make a change, I thought about what I'd like to do for a job.  What do I love?  Books and baking.  It was pretty obvious to me, too.  :)

So, this fall, the Blue Door Bakery will get up and running as an order-only provider of baked goods: muffins, cakes, cupcakes, scones, truffles, cookies, and baby pies!  I'm so excited to get started!

Now I need to go paint my front door.

Love and Sugar,
Leah Joy

P.S. The Blue Door Bakery is on Facebook! :)  Click here!

P.P.S. I can also promise that you'll have posts 3 times a week for at least the next two weeks!  How crazy is that? :)

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