Friday, June 6, 2014

101 Things Update - June 6

Today's post is a bit lacking in pictures, but I wanted to share these things with you before I forget about them.

9. Oil cleansing face wash.  This wash did not work for my mom and sister, but I still gave it a try.  I can honestly say it had no effect on my skin.  I was expecting some change: either for my acne to get worse, or get better.  It did neither.  I gave it a month-long trial, and there was no change, so I'll stick to my inexpensive bar of natural facial soap.  I'd still encourage people to try this, though, as I actually have a health condition which causes excess acne, so it's probably not the oil face wash's fault.  :)

40. Sew one of these headbands:

It's really hard to take a picture of a headband when you're wearing it:

The other side is red with tiny white polka dots all over it.  I made two more of these for Chloe for her birthday.  She really likes them. :)  I thought the original pattern made really wide headbands, so I made my headbands skinnier than the original ones.

48. Read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith.  I was not that thrilled with this book.  Don't hate me for that, please.

77. Delft nails with Chloe.  

The original:


I love love love love love them!!!

And finally, to end on a depressing note:

94. Try a recipe with lentils in it.  I made this soup:

And it was pretty lame.  Way too many lentils and not enough flavor.

And that is all.

Love and Delft,
Leah Joy

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