Wednesday, September 24, 2014

101 Things Update - September 24

Here are two really fun projects that cost me practically nothing!  (The best kind!)

15. Baby Dino Stuffed Animals.

The original:

I made one, and then loved it so much that I made 5 more! 

The purple and solid pink ones are made from polar fleece (scrap bin at Hobby Lobby).  The rainbow one is made from leftover fleece for a project I did in Interior Design class in 10th grade (I had an open block that I had to fill.  It was that or Weight Training.).  The pink stripy one is from a fleece blanket I bought at Salvation Army for probably $1.  The white one with blue birds is from fabric I got from Freecycle, and the blue satiny one is from leftovers from another project.

I love them all so much! :)

21. Scarf storage!!

This picture was kind of my inspiration:

I didn't really know how to do that though, without purchasing towel bars (which can be pretty expensive!).  Then my sister and her friend held a garage sale at our house earlier this summer, and one of the items was an old over-the-door towel rack, which had lost its over-the-door hooks.  I snatched it up for 50-cents, bought some mirror hanging thingies at Lowe's for $2, and now I have this beauty in my closet:

It sits on my half of the closet, just above where the hamper usually goes:

I love how pretty they all look!  And I can see them all at once!  And I actually put my scarves away now!  And they don't get all wrinkly from being shoved into a box!  So many exclamation marks!

Love and Plaid,
Leah Joy

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