Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cupcake Chronicles: 98 Minis!

Our church recently had its outdoor service, which is followed by a potluck.  We were assigned to bring a dessert (gee, I hate it when that happens) so I thought it would be a great time to test out some new cake recipes.  Four new recipes, to be exact.  And three new frosting recipes.  So, you know, 98 mini cupcakes plus some tiny cakes for taste-testing.

I made orange cake, lemonade cake, raspberry cake, and strawberry cake.

The orange cake got paired with a chocolate ganache, which was delicious, but didn't hold up well in the heat.  The orange cake was also just a bit dry, but really wonderful in flavor.  I'll have to work on that a bit. :)  Darn, more samples.

The raspberry cake was good, but not very raspberry-ish.  I topped it with a raspberry buttercream to help accentuate the flavor.  By the way - raspberry buttercream?  Yeah, I could eat that with a spoon.

The strawberry cake was super disappointing.  The texture was not that great, and it didn't even taste like strawberries.  However, I'm too Dutch to throw away 24 mini cupcakes, so I topped them with a delicious strawberry buttercream, which dominated the flavor (not a hard feat, really).

My definite favorite was the lemonade cake.  It surprised me how different a lemonade cake is from lemon cake.  They're both really delicious, though.  I also topped these with a raspberry buttercream (and some with strawberry), which was the perfect summer combo.  I wanted to eat them all!

Love and CAKE,
Leah Joy

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