Friday, October 17, 2014

101 Things Update - Pretzel Bread

So, I technically could have added this to Wednesday's post, but this was such a good recipe, it needed its own post.  I give you, Pretzel Bread.

This recipe was easy, fairly uninvolved, and the only 'special' ingredient required is coarse salt, which I found at Meijer for under $2 (and I have plenty leftover to make this a few hundred more times, too).

This bread was so delicious.  I want to make it every day.  And then eat it all.  Chloe and I made grilled cheese on it for lunch.  And then ate another half a loaf plain.

The recipe makes two small loaves.

Like most homemade pretzel things, this is best fresh.  It's still good later, but the salt soaks in and the crust isn't as crispy.  I think I'm going to try making it into rolls next time.

Here's the original pin, with the recipe so you can also make this and be as fat and happy as we are. :)

Love and Salt,
Leah Joy

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