Wednesday, December 31, 2014

5 Goals for 2015 - The Plan

So, I'm finally ready to reveal my ground-breaking, earth-shattering, mind-blowing, super-exciting plan for 2015.  It's so fabulous, I thought super long and hard about a great name for it.  I got so excited about the fabulous, unique, wonderful, and sparkling name that I thought of for it, that I made this collage using super high-tech software (like Paint and Picasa) and now I'm sharing it with you so that you finally get to see a picture in a post.

Isn't that a fantastic title?  Aren't you so inspired?  Don't you just want to go pin that right now?  I mean, look at that star.  That is a quality star right there.

Moving on.  While I loved doing the 101 Things Project the last two years, I noticed it was starting to get a bit old to me, so before I got sick of it and never did anything ever again, I decided to try something new.

This new year, I will do one thing from each of five categories each month, which will leave me doing 60 things.  What's nice about this system is that I don't have to choose everything I want to do right now.  I can choose November's things in November.  

Just in case you're dying to know what the categories are, I will tell you.  I don't want anyone dying because of my blog.  That would be ridiculous.

1. New Meal or Side Dish.  This must be a recipe I have never made before, although I may have eaten it or seen it made before.  Though there is not a point system, bonus points if it's healthy!

2. Health Goal.  I probably won't be sharing as much about this one, because I hate to share things about my fitness and weight, etc.  However, the goal can be different each month.  It might be losing 5 pounds or it might be a fitness goal, like being able to do x amount of push-ups or sit-ups.  It could even be a month-long goal of going for a half-hour walk each day.

3. Sewing Project.  This can be as tiny as a Christmas ornament or as big as a quilt (but it won't be). It can be as mundane as a pincushion or fancy as a ... something fancy.  (I'm not fancy; I have no idea.)  It can be as simple as a potholder or as complicated as a skirt.  I just want to get better at sewing, which can only be done through experience.  Again, no point system, but bonus points for using already-purchased, repurposed, or free fabric.

4. House Project.  This is another one that could vary widely.  This could be as small as rearranging a drawer or as large as painting a room.

5. Book Challenge.  Each month, I'd like to read a book that falls into one of the following categories: (a) a book I wouldn't normally read (i.e. a Western or a biography) or (b) a book I have been wanting to read for a long time but haven't for whatever reason (i.e. C.S. Lewis's Out of the Silent Planet).

So there you have it.  By this time next year, I will be healthier, smarter, better-read, more skilled in housewifery, and my house will be freaking awesome.


Love and Sarcasm,
Leah Joy

P.S. Let me know if you'd like to join me in this - or if you devise your own similar plan!

P.P.S. Also let me know if you're going to try a 101 Things list in 2015; I'd love to follow your progress!

P.P.S. If you think all of these lists/plans are stupid/pointless/not for you, do you make other New Year's Resolutions?  Do tell!

P.P.P.S. Did you know that P.S. stands for Post Script?  Therefore, you are currently reading the Post Post Post Script. Talk about ridiculous.

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