Friday, November 25, 2016

It's Gilmore girls Day!

Gilmore girls: A Year in the Life is on Netflix today! It's in the form of 4 90-minute episodes. Many people have a binge-watching party planned for today, but I have a different plan.  I have nothing against binge-watching, but since I have been looking forward to this revival for so long, I want to savor the episodes, and give a little time to digest between each one.

Therefore, I am hosting four Gilmore girls themed viewing parties for my mom, my sister, and a few of my friends.   We'll have Gilmore-inspired meals filled with conversation followed by a viewing of each episode.  We're stretching it out over 2 weeks, and I have vowed to not watch each episode until that party, although I might rewatch the previous episodes in between!

In case you're curious, here are the menus I have planned:

Episode 1: Winter
Dinner: Pot roast, mashed potatoes, salad, and rolls (inspired by a dinner from Season 6: Episode 6)
Dessert: Apple tarts (from Season 1: Episode 10)
Beverages: Coffee (always), Hot chocolate (almost always), and candy canes (in case anyone wants to make candy cane coffee - Season 7: Episode 11)

Episode 2: Spring
Dinner: Tacos, tater tots, and salad (tacos and tater tots are both Gilmore girl staples, while salad is more of 'a quaint dish sometimes used to precede large quantities of pizza' - or in this case, tacos.) (Also, I didn't do this on purpose, but in the trailer for the revival, Lorelai wants to make tater tots when they're already having tacos!)
Dessert: Blueberry shortcake (Season 1: Episode 3)
Beverages: Coffee, iced tea, and lemonade

Episode 3: Summer
Dinner: Burgers and fries (Classic Luke's Diner fare) (plus salad, because Luke would insist)
Dessert: Pie and ice cream
Beverages: Coffee, iced tea, and lemonade

Episode 4: Fall
Dinner: Pizza (ours will be homemade), cheesy bread, and salad (Movie night special)
Dessert: Popcorn and dessert sushi (Season 7: Episode 2)
Beverages: Coffee, iced tea, and lemonade

Image result for gilmore girls pizza

I know I'm missing a lot of other classics: Chinese take-out, Pop-Tarts, rocky road cookies, blueberry pancakes, Mallomars, doughnuts, cake, pudding, mac and cheese, Twinkies, hot dogs, deviled eggs, and anything alcoholic.  However, I feel I got the really important ones, and still managed to keep it fairly healthy. (After all, we're not all blessed by the Lorelai Paradox.)

Love and Tacos,
Leah Joy

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