Monday, November 21, 2016

Why I Garage Sale

I grew up in a hand-me-down-wearing, garage-sailing, thrift-store-shopping family, so it's always a little strange for me to hear people talk about the 'great deal' they found on this outfit - only $80!

Not only does garage sailing save money, but I think it's more fun than shopping for new in store.

Here's what I got recently for $15:

That same amount would buy me 1 onesie* at BabyGAP or about 3 onesies at Target.  Instead, I got 10 onesies, 1 shirt, 12 pairs of pants/shorts, 1 pair of tights, 1 sweaters, 2 sleepers, and 3 dresses.

Shopping at garage sales will take more time, but it's less money, and I can find a better variety of items.  Plus it's fun to do with a friend!

Love and Santa,
Leah Joy

*Did you know that 'onesie' is a brand name? 'Onesie' is to 'bodysuit' as 'Kleenex' is to 'facial tissue'.

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