Monday, September 7, 2009

No Comments? Really?

That's sad. I put at least an hour and a half into that last blog (Have you tried adding pictures? It's nuts!) plus my "mischief making" in the closets. Oh well. I enjoyed it.

I've been away since then, sort of. I spent Thursday-Saturday camping with my family. That was great, but my hair still smells like campfire smoke. Of course, that'd probably change if I had washed it more than twice since then.

Today, Labor Day, was our traditional Labor Day. My family picks up a bunch of KFC and heads to a local park to pig out on delicious chicken and potato wedges and biscuits and ... mmmm... it's delicious. And then we kinda groan for a while 'cause we ate too much. Then we play whiffle ball and explore the creek. After the park, we go out for ice cream.

Nothing too out of the ordinary happened today, but a few years ago... we had the Labor Day to remember! I think Jacob lost a few teeth that day... or maybe it was Chloe. Anyway, and then when we went out for ice cream, we found a wallet. So we tried to return it to the guy at the address on the driver's license, but he had just moved or something. I don't remember everything of the wild goose chase, but in the end, his girlfriend came to pick it up a few days later.

Anyway, when we got home from trying to return this wallet, there were cop cars in front of our neighbors' house. Apparently, the daughter had called the cops on her single mother. The daughter had a lot of behavioral issues, and she's a lot better now, for the record.

So, yeah... This Labor Day was rather tame.

In other news, I have now sold 4 of the 6 textbooks I wanted to sell! Yes!

Well, it is now tomorrow.

Love and lollipops,


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  1. Playing whiffle ball in a half-bog wasn't exciting enough for you?! ;)

    Selling 4/6 textbooks is pretty cool!