Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ever Optimism

Here's that blog which I promised:

Reasons to Be Glad I'm Cleaning Daverman and Ketcham

First of all, background information. Last year, I cleaned in Faber and Gordon Halls. I grew quite attached to those buildings, which is sort of silly, but well... I did. Okay. This year, I've been switched to Daverman and Ketcham halls. If you have ever been in any of these buildings, you would understand. But, chances are you haven't, so I'll do my best to make this clear.

Faber is a classroom and office building, built rather recently (comparatively) and kept in decent shape.

Look at that nice open hallway.

I can't deny the building with the MIDI lab!

A well-lit, well-ventilated, wide open janitor closet? Yes, my friends. Yes.

A secret (if slightly creepy) room with a magical box that controls the clocktower. Oh, it's too good to be true.

Plenty of brass to polish.

AND a snazzy new paint job to boot. (Well, I like it. I may be the only one, but I do like it.)

Gordon is the music building. Need I say more?

Sure, our closet is kinda creepy and has exposed wiring and a funky smell, but we keep it as clean and tidy as possible.

Look at that. It's actually organized. Awww....

Now, Ketcham is an office building, but kind of an old, gone-by-the-wayside one.

And Daverman is a classroom building - with a science wing. And the whole building is really really old, and no one bothers to keep it up.

And so I am trying to be an optimist.
Once again, I present to you:
Reasons to Be Glad I'm Cleaning Daverman and Ketcham

1. If I ever take up an interest in zoology, I will have everything I need to get a good start.

2. Or rocks.

3. Or RNA Silencing??

4. Or taxidermy. Yeah.

I wish I had stolen these pictures from somewhere.

But I can't make this stuff up.

These ones don't have eyes yet. That's great!

5. If I ever need a scene for a horror film, it's all set right here in the Ketcham closet!

The scene upon entering.

I'm so glad we have exposed wires near chemicals! Yay!

This isn't creepy at all! See, my flash lit up these photos, so they look cheery and happy!

Aww, look at this cute, tiny, cramped space we have. See all that open air between the camera and our lovely chemical dispenser? (The blue thing on the wall.) Yeah, that's where the door opens. And right behind the camera is a half flight of concrete steps leading down to a concrete floor covered in nasty! This is so great!

6. And the Daverman closet could prove useful as a torture chamber, if I ever need handy access to one of those. It's small, enclosed, and has rather questionable piping.

Look at how cute and small it is!

Will someone please tell me why the vent cover is missing? And why we still use this fan?


Dripping sink - perfect for Chinese water torture!

This just makes me hungry.

7. I will have more chances to recycle!!!!

8. I will now have plenty of opportunities to identify and classify dead bugs! Check out this corner of the world:

(We swept not too long ago, believe it or not.)
(And you can't even see all of them in this picture.)

So there you have it. That's about as happy as I get now. :)

Love and dead bugs,


P.S. To get all these photos, I had to do a bit of... mischief. And this blog took me nearly an hour and a half to get up because of all the pictures. I really hope you like this one, because I went to some serious means to get this strange end.

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