Saturday, July 14, 2012

Posting From My Own Laptop??

The page opened!  This is so exciting because it hasn't been able to for a long time now!

This summer is very crazy for me!  This is the first job I've ever had in the summer like this.  My first few summers of work involved nannying, which didn't really feel like work (well, sometimes, but not like a desk job or something).  Then I worked a summer of housekeeping at Cornerstone which involved lots and lots of cleaning, which I really enjoyed, actually.  It was 8 hours a day, but we started at 6 in the morning, so I still had lots of free time after work.  The next summer I worked as a cashier at Salvation Army and I only got 6-hour shifts there, so I had lots and lots of free time!  And then this past summer, I worked in the office at the warehouse, and while it was definitely full-time, once I left work, I was done with work.

Now, however, I work 9-5 in the office, and then 5pm-9am live under the office.  I'm always here and it's sometimes really hard to detach from work.  Plus, since most of the other staff are salaried (weekly, but still salaried) and I'm hourly, many of them don't understand that I'm only hourly.  When it's not 9-5, I'm just staff family; I just live here.  I don't mind helping, but I also don't want it to become completely invasive and make me a stressed-out ball of tears, because that's what over-committing does to me.

So, my house isn't the tidiest, but I'm discovering that I can't have that in the summer.  Certainly not if I want to do well at work, spend time with my husband, and be a good friend.

In closing, I may post more now that I actually can (fingers crossed), but not every day.  And here's a fun story.  We had a one-night camp for kids entering 1st grade, so they're all 5 or 6.  We only had 9 campers (which is typical - and fun, because then they get to do everything!) and so they all registered up in my office.  One girl came bouncing in and when I asked her name, she said, "My name's Isabel but I go by Izzie but I changed it to Ariel."

Love and Lemonade,
Leah Joy

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