Thursday, February 5, 2015

Final 101 Things in 2014 Update, Part 2

What things on my list didn't get done?  Actually only 20 of them, which I think is pretty awesome!  Here's a list of them, in case you care.

First up, some of the projects were things I thought I liked at the beginning of the year, but gradually realized that I'd never actually do.  These are:

65. Dr. Pepper cupcakes - because they don't even sound that good
75. Padded steering wheel cover for Caleb - because he doesn't care
84. Host a Calling Day a la Little Women - because I don't actually like people

Some of the projects I'd still like to do; I just never got around to doing them.  These are:

1. Rainbow Jell-O
14. Tissue paper Christmas tree
16. Book Page Origami Dress
17. 8-Bit Mario Blanket
31. Apple Streusel Bagels
66. Guitar shelf
70. Tile above shower
85. Lose 10 pounds
93. Smashed potatoes
97. Ninja cookies

I may yet do these projects and share the results here.

Other projects, I bought the supplies for, but just haven't started yet:
30. Paint entryway grey
41. Sew a bag
63. Dream-catcher earrings

The other various projects are as follows:

I started reading Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton (Number 3 on the list), but I could not make heads or tails of it.  I'll try again in a few years.

Number 39 was to re-do my bracelet storage.  Since I got rid of a lot of my bracelets in the Great Earring Purge of 2014, it's not as urgent as it used to be.  I have a few ideas, but it's not pressing.

Number 71 was to tile our kitchen backsplash and we were actually totally going to do this this year, until we realized that since we eventually plan on replacing our counters, it would be pretty silly to do a backsplash without changing the counters first, and then it would be silly to change the counters without replacing those old lower cabinets, so our $500 project turned into a $5,000 project, and we decided to wait on that one.

Number 86 was to find 3 juicer recipes that I like, and I did find two (grapefruit + mint, and then an orange-apple-lemon-celery-carrot one I made up), but then I got tired of cleaning the pulp from my juicer and took a break from juicing.  For the rest of the year.

And that's all folks.  I can finally move on to this year, and I have some really exciting projects planned!

Come back next week for my January Monthly Project updates!

Love and Lists,
Leah Joy

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