Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Final Earring Update - September 10

Friends, for those of you who are thoroughly sick of earrings, you will be very glad to know that my earring challenge is over at last. Actually it was over a long time ago, I just haven't updated you on it yet.  

To begin, I must tell you that there are two pairs I never wore which I will be keeping.  One of them is the double of my Rock Star earrings (see post here).  The other pair is made of small Christmas light bulbs - and they are very Christmassy, so I only wear them in December.  Trust me on this.

Also, there is one new pair of earrings I purchased after the challenge was technically over.  Aren't they fabulous?  I got them at a garage sale for $1.

This is what my earring storage looks like now:

I love having the CD rack as my dangly earrings holder!  It's perfect!  I can see exactly what I have and it's not too hard to get them off or hang them back up.

Below it, I have my baskets/containers for post earrings and extra backs.  I don't really like this system for my smaller posts because it makes it harder to find a match, but this is what I have for now.

Next organizational project will be my bracelets....

Oh yeah, and see my cute inspirational sticky notes?  Those were from my sister and the girl I used to nanny.  I saved a couple of them, like this gem from my sister:

It's actually extremely accurate.  At least the hungry part. :)

So, final count for earrings?  96.  And did I get rid of any?  Yes.  19 pairs, actually.  Here they are:

The very far left pair is something I tried to make with Shrinky Dinks.  It was supposed to be a small frond of leaves on one earring and a big leaf on the other, but the green gets really dark when it shrinks, so they look really stupid.  Then of course lots of pop tab earrings and a couple random studs that have corroded or something.  The set of 9 colorful studs was from when I got my cartilage pierced.  I was going to wear one of these cute ones every day to match my outfit, but then my cartilage was infected pretty much all the time for 2 years straight, so I couldn't wear cheap earrings anyway (believe me, they're not 'sensitive solutions' like they say!).  I eventually let it heal over and have never really worn these since.  They're also really crappy quality, as you can tell on the black one, where the side is grey because the paint wore off.

And that's all, folks.

Love and USB ports,
Leah Joy

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