Wednesday, September 4, 2013

101 Things Update - Over the Summer

Today, I'll be sharing all but two of the projects I/we did over the summer.  It's really not a lot, but then again, I wasn't expecting it to be.  

77. Strawberrying.  I went with my mom and sister and the three of us picked 75 pounds.  We made jam (see next one) and then split the rest between our two families.  We had a couple bowls for eating fresh and froze the rest to use the rest of the year (I love them for smoothies and pies!).

35. We made 5 batches of strawberry freezer jam - which we also split between our two families.  Mmmmm....

78. Blueberrying.  This time I went with my mom, sister, brother, and husband.  Caleb and I picked about 13.5 pounds, and this year froze them in quart bags instead of gallon bags.  Why?  Well, last year, we (I) only picked enough for one gallon bag because I happened to go on the hottest day of the year and had to leave the patch early, and they were gone in two months (and that was with Caleb holding himself back).  So this year, we froze them in quart bags so that most of them are in parents' freezer and we can better pace ourselves. :)

79.  Pen Cap Vase.  The more I thought about this project, the more I was certain I couldn't make it as cute as the original.

And then, I made it cuter.  Check it out:

And it's even cuter filled with flowers:

It now sits on my desk at work for when people bring me flowers (which only happens in the summer because it's part of a camper scavenger hunt).

96. Nail Art with Tape.  

Of course, I figured I'd do this on Chloe, since I do most nail art on her, but she happened to be gone one week, and my mom came over, so I did my toes, her toes, and my fingers with this!

Here are my toes.  My mom's were the same but with bright pink instead of teal.  Sorry it's a blurry picture.

And then I had a hay-day on my finger nails!

They're not all perfect, but I got really impatient with some parts.  And I still got asked where I got my nails done!  ("Um... my living room?")  What fun!

I hope to get a little more done now that summer is unofficially over, but now I have to go to work, so until tomorrow (hopefully)!

Love and Rainbows,
Leah Joy

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