Wednesday, September 18, 2013

101 Things Update - September 18

I'm afraid today's 101 Things Update is a little boring.  I completed several things, but I either took no pictures of them, or they weren't really the type of things one photographs.  But, I've still got to keep you updated, so here goes:

1. Homemade Disinfectant:

There wouldn't be any point in me sharing a picture of a bottle with clear liquid in it.  I'm pretty sure you can imagine that yourself.  And you can read what I thought of it in the Pin's description or right here: there's no way for me to test the disinfecting properties, but it did clean well.

23. Homemade Bagels:

These are the ones I actually made:

This was a great recipe and they are good versatile bagels.  They were amazing plain, with honey, with jam, with peanut butter, with peanut butter and jam, or with pizza toppings.  I have plans to try other recipes in the future now that I know how easy it is.

75. Make your own pore strips.

I've tried this one before (and I thought I reviewed it here, but now I can't find that old post), but I wanted to try it again.  I usually get pore strips when they go on mega-crazy sale, but this recipe could still be cheaper than that.  I say 'could' because she says to use a full tablespoon of both the milk and the gelatin.  A full tablespoon of gelatin is a whole packet - at least of the packets I get - and this mixture also makes way more than I need.  I spread this on my entire face, neck, and upper chest and back, and had barely made a dent in it.  Next time I'll try only using a teaspoon.

Anyway, there are pros and cons to this method.  The cons are that it is far messier than a store-bought pore strip and doesn't peel up quite as easily (it's hard to get a grip on the edge).  The pros are that it is cheaper and you can spread it over your whole face, instead of just your nose or one little area.

87. Crocheted Sock Monkey

I'm not sharing a picture of my finished one until after Christmas because it's for a friend, but let's just say that it's SUPER cute - and I'm now going to be making at least 5 more for other friends/relatives.  It was a full day's worth of work for my crocheting skill level.

So there you have it.  I also have the oatmeal-lavender face scrub (#11) mixed up and plan to use it this morning, but won't have results in time to add to this post.  I also made several steps forward on other projects this week, so hopefully I'll have some better updates soon!

Love and Gelatin,
Leah Joy

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