Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Earring Update - April 30

April 23 - These are from Claire's.  I call them my party earrings, because there's so much going on here.  Lots of fun shapes and colors.

April 24 - These are also from Claire's, but they did not come as this set.  There were actually 3 sets for sale, all with both earrings as the same word: Rock, Star, and Diva.  Of course, I don't want people to actually think I'm a diva, so I picked up a pair of Rock and a pair of Star and then combined them.  This means that I have another pair just like this, but I don't count them in my pairs of earrings.

April 25 - Salvation Army!  They came with two other pairs: rainbow hoops and rainbow circles.  But then I stepped on one of the circle ones, so that pair is out of commission.  As is my foot.

April 26 - These were my great-aunt Jane's.  They're clip-on, and rather tight, if you can tell by the redness around the earring - but they're so pretty and I'd love to successfully convert them to posts.  The only problem is that the hanging ball is pretty heavy, and that would stretch my holes if I made them posts.

April 27 - I really rarely wear gold, but these earrings always make me feel like a gypsy.  I got them in a little shop on vacation in North Carolina.

April 28 - These were from my friend Briana to wear in her wedding. I  wore them this day to dress up my t-shirt and jeans. :)

April 29 - There are actually two new pairs here.  The hoops were from Claire's, and the cubic zirconia studs are from my little brother.  

Love and Raisin Bran,
Leah Joy

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