Friday, April 19, 2013


You have all been so patient, not that you had a choice, and I have been obnoxiously holding on to these pictures for a couple weeks now, but it is finally time to show you my adorable curtains!

Now, I doubt I'll ever be a seamstress, but I managed to make 4 semi-straight lines 4 times!

Check 'em out!

Over the sink.

You can see that they don't keep out a lot of light, but I didn't need them to be room-darkening curtains.  I just wanted something to block the view - especially since the lights from the road come straight through one of the windows and right down the hallway to our bedroom.  Even with the door closed, these lights still shone under the door and kept me awake.  This curtain, thin as it is, helps block that.

Over the kitchen table.
I spent a lot of time trying to figure out exactly what I wanted, but I'm really glad I chose this option.  We have beautiful trim and molding, and I wanted to show that off, so short curtains on tension rods was the best choice for me.  (Short curtains were the only option in the kitchen, anyway.)

I had a strip of fabric left, and I'll be using it to make tie-backs, which will only make them cuter (and even more like the curtains I always drew as a kid).

Now, they're not perfect, but with curtains, you can hardly tell.  (If you're wondering, I sort of followed this tutorial.  I strayed from it in that the store width of the fabric was my curtain length since my windows are only 35" tall.  I made my panels about 35" wide by 35" long.  This meant that when I sewed the top and bottom parts, I sewed the rod pocket before the bottom part, so that whatever was left could just go to the bottom - if that makes any sense.)  And I'm so proud of them!  

The best part is I got exactly what I wanted for fairly cheap!  The fabric cost me about $17 at Hobby Lobby and the tension rods were $5 for the pair at Big Lots.  There's no way I could have found curtains this perfect for our windows anywhere for that price, let alone ones that I love this much!

Love and Strawberries,
Leah Joy

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  1. Your curtains are simply lovely, and do a wonderful job of showcasing the gorgeous molding around the windows! Well done, NL!!