Wednesday, April 24, 2013

101 Things Update - April 24

As I mentioned yesterday, I felt like crap for much of next week, which means (in my world) that when I didn't have to work or be anywhere in particular, I sat on the couch and watched Gilmore Girls.  After several episodes, though, I realized that I was sick of just sitting and watching, so I decided I needed a project I could do while I learned proper bantering techniques.  This is, of course, the precise moment for which I began this project: "Looking for a project? Well, here, pick one of these."

Except I picked three.  But one of them isn't finished yet, so that'll be done next week.

28. Magazine Gift Bow. 

The Original:

Source: via Leah on Pinterest

 Okay, so I didn't have any magazines sitting around, but I did have the local town's weekly newspaper, so I made one with that.  I liked that so much I made a couple more.  Stay tuned a few more days to see the other ones!

57. "Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth Pattern" - I had one I had been using that I thought was perfect.  Then I tried this one and I am never going back!  The old pattern required mostly purling - there is no purling in this pattern!  Huzzah!

The Original: 

Okay, so I didn't have rainbow colors of yarn, which makes my project comparatively deficient, but I did have a skein of Hobby Lobby's I Love This Cotton!, which is less expensive than Sugar 'n' Cream (which is not expensive to begin with, so now you know that I Love This Cotton! is an even better deal) and contains more yarn.  I got three dishcloths out of this skein.

I haven't used them yet, because they went straight into my "Gift Box" (this is a box full of random items that I pull from when I need a last minute gift), but I have some that my aunt made me (at least I think it's this pattern) that work really well, so go forth and knit!

Love and Popsicle Sticks,
Leah Joy

P.S.  I also bought fabric for curtains yesterday (for the yellow bedroom)!  It was going to be a priority further down the list, but we have friends coming to stay in a month - and we'll probably put them in that room - so we wanted curtains.  However, I can't work on them until I wash the fabric - and I don't know how much the West Michigan flooding makes the news wherever you are, but I'm not supposed to be doing any non-essential laundry until the flood waters recede a bit.  We're not flooded where I live at all (we barely have any puddles), but I'm still trying to follow the law. :)

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