Monday, April 8, 2013

Our Kitchen!

You've seen hints of it in photographs, now it's time to reveal the whole kitchen for you!  

If you look at these pictures and begin to feel depressed about the unclean state of your own kitchen, please note that I spent at least an hour and a half tidying and scrubbing so it would look perfect for the pictures.  Chloe even sardonically suggested that I fold my dishcloth into a swan, since that would be as believable.  

If, however, you look at these pictures and think it looks awfully bad, I think it might improve if you press "Ctrl+W".

The wall color in here is now Benjamin Moore's Amsterdam.  (Not that anyone who knows me is at all surprised by that color choice.)

Our appliances were generously donated to us by a friend.  Thank you so much!

The lower cabinets in the above picture were already there, but the uppers were the same older style. We decided to tear them out, and replace them with new when we could afford it, but my parents generously purchased the set of uppers for us.  (The one above the microwave was already there, too.)

The lower cabinets were pretty gross, but once we tore off the one panel, painted them white, and lined them, they turned out pretty nicely.  We do plan to replace them in the future (10 years?).

I don't actually call this the Small Appliance Counter, but I probably should. :)

Here's a look from the other way.

We have all memory foam bath mats in the kitchen (how is anyone supposed to know they're not kitchen mats?) because my feet get really sore standing on bare floor for a long time.  We were able to get the 2 green ones from a Groupon for pretty cheap and the 2 blue ones from ALDI for $5 each on one of their weekly special deals.

Here's a closer look at this counter where my chore chart lives.

Our breakfast nook has the table my mom had in our kitchen way back when I was a kid.  The chairs that match it are kind of rickety, but a friend gave us a kitchen table and chairs, too, so we're using the chairs from that.

Tim lives on the windowsill for now, with a suncatcher my friends made for us.

A close-up of our sink, with my dishcloth not folded into a swan.  

I have a window above my sink!!  I've always wanted one!  Except because we live at an intersection, there are usually cars out my window.  But still!

And that's our kitchen!  Since I took these pictures, I have added curtains, but that's for another day.

Happy Monday!

Love and Butterflies,
Leah Joy

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  1. What a lovely kitchen you have! The blue and white are very nice (duh!).