Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Earring Update - April 9

March 26 - My sister made these for me.  They are tiny and cute.

March 28 - These are the one pair of pop tab earrings I own that I did not make.  I actually bought these at a church craft fair, and this is where I got the idea to make pop tab earrings.

March 29 - Yet another pair of my pop-tab earrings.

March 31 - The perfect Leah earrings, made by my lovely friend, Cara! :)

April 1 - I meant to wear these March 14, but forgot, so I wore them on April 1 instead.  My big brother gave these to me for a present one year.

April 2 - I bought these at Cedar Point when I was in high school. 

April 6 - Caleb's littlest sister made me this cool DNA-esque earrings.

April 7 - Yet another fabulous pair picked out by my little brother.

Come on back tomorrow to see what 101 Things projects I've been working on this week!  I have some pretty fun ones!

Love and Bedazzlement,
Leah Joy

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