Thursday, April 25, 2013

Having a 'Sink Window'

Doesn't it seem like every home has a window over the sink?  They are the most wonderful things, really, because who wants to stare at a wall while they're washing dishes?  I'd much rather stare at the sky, trees, road, anything really.

Well, at the apartment, if you remember, we had this instead:

I could try to supplement with a cute kitchen towel, but it just wasn't the same.

Sometimes, I think going without something for a while makes one appreciate it all the more when one gets it back.  (Hey, it works with 2-year-olds and toys, right?)

I love having a 'sink window' - and God doubly blessed us with one that faces east, so every morning, as I get my breakfast, I get to see the sunrise.  What a blessing!  And what a way to wake up!  (Remember, I like mornings.)

How fantastic to look out and see this every morning:

And okay, it often looks more like this next one, but still:

What are some everyday blessings for which you're grateful?

Love and Sunrises,
Leah Joy

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