Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earring Update - April 23

I spent most of last week feeling like crap, so yes, the only two pairs of earrings I wore this week are from Sunday and Monday.  I will say that my CD rack earring holder is starting to fill up and look really really pretty!  With my earring collection, it's like a functional piece of art.  I'll have to post a picture of that one of these weeks. 
April 21 - One year for my birthday or Christmas, my little brother (who was very very small at the time) got me a bag of colored craft feathers.  Why?  Because they're colorful.  And cheap.  After they sat unused in my craft supplies for years, I finally took pity on two fairly matching ones, shoved them into a crimp bead with some fishing line and made these earrings.  They are very fun. :)

April 22 - Oh look, another pair of pop tab earrings.  These ones have a slightly better story, though, because I was selling a pair like these at the Farmers' Market and a little boy came up to investigate and said, "Look, Dad - Dinosaurs!" They're actually bulls, from Red Bull, but dinosaurs are way cooler.

Love and Cinnamon,
Leah Joy

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