Monday, August 22, 2016

Book Clutch

My little sister graduated high school! I'm so incredibly proud of her! To celebrate, I made her this book clutch. I found helpful instructions here and here.

I picked up the book at an used book sale at my local library. The topic seemed appropriate for Chloe.

I found the fabric at Hobby Lobby.

While most parts of this clutch are glued together (E-6000), I still took the time to topstitch many of the pieces. I like how neat and tidy it makes everything look.

It's not perfect, but it's still very pretty!

Inside, I included 3 pencil cases and some coupons for emergency cupcakes.

For her graduation open house, I also made 235 cupcakes! It was a blast! (And exhausting!)

I totally forgot to get a picture of all of the cupcakes at the end, but after Day 1 (of baking, technically Day 3 of the whole process), this is what it looked like:

Now double that... :)

Love and Raspberries,
Leah Joy

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