Thursday, December 20, 2012


Here's a bonus post to start sharing some house pictures!  We just closed today, so tomorrow we'll start cleaning!  Here are some "before" pictures - mostly of my favorite parts of the house.

This is the ceiling in the mudroom/breezeway.  I love it!!

We have some cool arched doorways like this!

I took all these pictures at night, and this particular room has no lighting, so these are all just how my flash lit it up, but we have these really cool, well-loved, gorgeous wood floors in the bedrooms. 

More cool archways.  (This is in the living room, to the left is the [toothpaste green] kitchen, and you can see the start of the hallway.)

The corners of the ceiling in the living room are like this.

We have a fireplace!  Painted a dreadful color (and apparently not with heat-resistant paint) but still a fireplace!

Okay, not one of my favorite parts, but funny nonetheless.  I think someone decided they wanted to paint the bathroom and picked a color and then painted this much before they realized it's the exact color of fresh morning urine and gave up painting.  And never repainted. :) 


In front of the house.  The room you can see through the windows is the mudroom/breezeway.  The garage is to the left, and the kitchen is to the right.

I promise many more before/after pictures to come, but for the next few weeks, I'll be busy cleaning, painting, and Christmassing.  

Enjoy one more new post tomorrow - and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Love and New Keys,
Leah Joy

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