Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Believe It Or Not - This Is An Insomnia Update

Because honestly, what else would keep me from blogging for nearly a month?  A busy life? Pfft. Sheer laziness? Umm....  But really, this time it's insomnia.

Pretty much the whole month of February was remarkably void of sleep.  I had two nights where I got almost the whole 8 hours, but other than that, I was getting 4 hours of sleep a night on a good night.  (How many times can I use the word 'night' in one sentence? Keep reading to find out!)  March didn't get much better.  In the beginning of the month, I had oral surgery and they put me on narcotics for two days, which meant I got two nice full nights of sleep.  Afterwards, however, I went right back to crappy sleeping.  I had a whole week where I got a total of 10 hours of sleep over 7 nights.  Gee that was fun!

After that, I started taking Ibuprofen PM, hoping that a few nights of that would retrain my body to sleep.  No such luck, and I decided 4 hours of real sleep was better than 8-10 hours of drugged sleep anyway.  Within the last week or so, I made blackout roman shades (don't worry, you'll get to see them soon!) and slept a pretty decent night (6 hours or so) immediately following.  I thought that I'd finally found the cure, but then I went to Chicago for 3 days to hang out with Claire.  I slept poorly in Chicago, but the night I got back, I slept amazingly for 8 hours.  Once again, I thought I had fixed myself, but I'm back to 4-6 hour nights now.

And that's the short story.  Now that Spring has finally sprung here (huzzah!) I'm getting more exercise (i.e. raking 2 years of leaves off of our 1.25 acre lot) and I'm hoping that will help.  We're also getting closer to summer, which means that my work hours are picking up, so hopefully more of a schedule will help me sleep better, too.

I haven't forgotten my 101 Things in 2014 project, so I do have some posts to share with you about that, plus I'm hoping to do a pseudo-tutorial for the roman shades.

Love and Rakes,
Leah Joy

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