Wednesday, April 23, 2014

101 Things Update - April 23

Before I begin, I feel like I need to tell you that this update is only a part of what I have accomplished since my last 101 Things update.  I split it up into a few posts so as not to overwhelm you (or myself). 

18. Foot Soak

I chose to do this at the end of winter and shortly after I came back from a 3-day trip to Chicago.  My feet were tired, sore, and really stinky (despite having washed them like 5 times in 2 days).  I don't know that this soak and scrub helped remove too much dead skin or calluses, but my feet definitely smelled better and were less sore.  It's a bit more than I'll ever do regularly, but it's also okay to pamper your feet once in a while.

22. Plant lemon seeds.

I bought a bag of organic lemons from Meijer and saved the seeds as I used the lemons.  I rinsed them off and planted them in some potting soil, covered the pot in a plastic bag, and let them sit on top of my fridge.  I watered every two days or so, but for a couple weeks nothing happened at all.  I've started seeds before and these were taking longer than anything else, so I was starting to figure that these wouldn't grow when all of a sudden:

So cute, right?

I doubt I'll ever have a fruitful lemon tree since I live in Michigan, but I'm totally okay with just little green shoots!  :)

62. Make a woven rag rug.


Here's mine!

I'm super proud of this, because I have a history of being pretty terrible at weaving, but this actually looks really beautiful.  It cost about $6-8 to make, because I had to buy the sheets from thrift stores.  It was a lengthy process, too: tear strips, tidy excess strings from strips, cut slits in cardboard 'loom', place warp strips in slits, and then weave the weft strips for like 4 hours (I'm hardly exaggerating).  And yet in spite of all that, I might actually do this project again, because the result is stunning.

This will be a wedding present for some friends who are getting married this summer.

The tutorial suggests tearing your strips either 1" or 2" wide, but I didn't measure as I went, so my strips varied from 1" to 2" and everything in between.  I then only used 6 strips in each slit.  I made this rug about 18" x 22" (not including the fringe), which looks about like this:

It's so soft, too!

Love and Strings,
Leah Joy

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