Friday, April 25, 2014

101 Things Update - April 25

After this post, I'll be much closer to being up-to-date with my 101 Things projects.  The projects I'm sharing today were actually all done within a 2-day range back in March. 

8. Shades in master bedroom.

This is a really big project, so I'll share a pseudo-tutorial later, but for now:

I was working on these shades at my parents' house (using my mom's sewing machine) and I finished everything I could do there early the 2nd afternoon, so I then did these next 3 projects.  They are that quick and easy!

24. Homemade Swiffer duster cover


The instructions aren't super clear, but if you look at the disposable cover that comes with your Swiffer duster, it should be pretty easy to figure out the instructions.

Look, Mom, I'm actually dusting!

After washing the cover with the rest of my towels and rags, it didn't look as pretty, but seems to work just as well.

74. Slipper Boots


Mine are actually from a sweater I bought at a thrift store for $4 and then felted in my washer and dryer.

I chose to sew mine on the sewing machine, because I didn't want them to unravel all the time.  I added a few layers of fleece to the inside of the sole to make them more comfortable, too.  

They're so soft and warm!

76. Mittens from an old sweater

I used the same sweater for these mittens.  The wrist part of the mitten is the bottom hem of the sweater - less sewing!

I lined these with fleece, too.  The two layers are only attached at the wrist; I used a wavy stitch so that if it showed up, it would look like I meant for it to do so.

These are also super soft and warm - I know I'll appreciate them in October/November when my mom and I go for walks.

Love and Fleece,
Leah Joy

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