Monday, April 28, 2014

Our Yard - Spring 2014

We moved to this house at the beginning of 2013.  While we made a lot of changes and updates last year, the outdoors wasn't really high on our list.  The house had been vacant for several months before we bought it, too, so I'm pretty sure 2012's leaves never got raked.  Well, neither did 2013's.  And that was our fault. :)

So this Spring, I decided to grab a rake and start working.  Over several hours (over a few days), I cleared out our front garden area and part of the front yard.

You can tell where I stopped! (See next picture)

Shortly after I finished, Caleb mentioned that he was going to purchase a leaf blower.  Thanks for not telling me sooner.  :)

Anyway, then on April 12 we had a freaky wind storm that knocked over trees all over the place!  This fully-grown pine tree was uprooted and blown over, knocking over another tree.  We also had two trees lose very large branches.  These next few pictures were taken with Caleb's cell phone the night of the storm.

Some friends from church came to help clear a lot of it, and then we had another friend come and cut up enough to fill the back of a pick-up truck.  Even after all of that, it still looks like this:

Much better, but still so much mess!  And you can't tell that I ever raked the grass.

Oh well.  I'm really just grateful that the trees didn't fall on our house or power lines.

Love and Pine Sap,
Leah Joy

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