Friday, May 2, 2014

Cupcake Chronicles: Birthday Cupcakes

At this point, it's been almost a month since we made these cupcakes, but I still wanted to share the pictures.  Caleb's birthday was at the beginning of April, and Claire and Chloe came over to help me bake and decorate 2 dozen cupcakes.  We ran out of liners at one point, so if you think some of these liners look like parchment paper circles, you're correct. :)

I finally got to decorate cupcakes with my new big tips and it was so much easier!  I only decorated a few of these cupcakes; I mostly let Chloe and Claire have fun.  We used 3 Wilton tips: 1M, 2D, and 4B.  We had the most trouble with the 4B, but are still optimistic about mastering it in the future. :)

Rose swirl with a #1M tip

Ice cream swirl with a #2D tip

We also tried this hydrangea-flower effect with a #2D tip.  I plan to try it later with purple and blue frosting like in this pin:

Love and Sprinkles,
Leah Joy

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