Friday, May 30, 2014

Garden Update - May 30

It's almost June, and our garden is booming!  (Mostly.)

I know, I know, most veggies want full sun, but we have an extremely shady yard (heh), so we have to deal with it.

We've already started harvesting lettuce and spinach!

In this 2nd bed, I planted spinach, which is doing well, and beans, which are just starting to come up.  I also planted a bunch of herbs, but so far they aren't doing much.  I'm letting the weeds grow here, because I'm honestly not sure what these baby herb plants should look like.

We also put in a new garden using this idea from Pinterest:

The part on the far left will be completed another year, but in the longer section I have 6 rhubarb plants (#19 on my 101 Things in 2014 list!).  Hopefully in a couple years we'll have an abundant crop!

For now, we have tiny little baby growth already:

I also started several plants in this seed tray, but so far they haven't done anything, and it's been about 3 weeks:


Thank you for your patience with my slow blogging.  My full-time summer work starts on Monday, so while I have pictures from stuff I've already done that I plan to get on here, that will probably be it until fall (late August).

Love and Rhubarb,
Leah Joy

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