Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Stockings for Our Family

Before this Christmas, Caleb and I hadn't done stockings together as a family.  We've done gifts a little differently each year, but this year decided to start a tradition with stockings.  I grew up using the store-bought red stockings with a fuzzy white cuff, while Caleb grew up using knit stockings that had everyone's names knitted into them.  I wanted to do something different from both of these, so I decided to sew them.  And what fabric would be more perfect for our family than plaid flannel?

I had a really fun time picking out coordinating flannel fabrics at Jo-Ann's.  Caleb picked out his plaid color, and I chose the cuff color to match it.  The rainbow-ish one is naturally mine, and the pink/purple one is for our baby girl.  (I hope she likes it!)  Aren't they perfect?

I followed the instructions on this tutorial here, but drafted the pattern mostly based on my parents' stockings.  In the above picture, I hadn't yet added hanging straps.

Here's a close-up of the cuff.  I just love these two sweet flannel fabrics together.

Here they are, hung up on our mantel:

I found the hangers at Hobby Lobby - a set of 4 for $30, although I got them when their Christmas stuff was 50% off, so I paid $15.

(The hangers jingle!)

I really love how they look!  They're just what I was hoping they'd be.

Love and Plaid,
Leah Joy

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