Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas Gifts: Map Necklace

Happy New Year!

Ever since I discovered Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (which I used in 2014 to create some really cool Christmas gifts), I've wanted to make a bezel necklace, but I don't wear necklaces, so I needed a good occasion for a gift.  My friend Cara, however, does wear necklaces, and I thought that making a bezel necklace with a cut-out of Grand Rapids would be perfect for her.  

I bought the bezel charm and the necklace chain at Hobby Lobby.  The Dimensional Magic I had leftover from last Christmas.  The map was free (in the lobby of the library) and I used my 1" circle punch to cut out the shape.  It was really simple to put together from there, but it turned out so pretty!

This is a very simple and easy project, but is so perfect for personalizing, so it makes for a great gift.

Love and the M-44,
Leah Joy

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