Friday, January 8, 2016

Hand-Sewn Christmas Presents Day 5: Owl Heat Packs

This gift was for my sister-in-law who really loves owls.  I found the idea for Owl Heat Packs on Pinterest, but drafted my own pattern, because I can.  This project took a lot of time, but because of the quilt I've been making for Baby, I didn't have to buy a lot of new materials for it.  

I was pretty nervous about how the faces would look, so I cut the pieces out of felt and placed them on the fabric to get an idea before sewing them down.  And I about died of cuteness.

I tried to use all natural fibers, since these will be microwaved a lot, but I had to abandon this for the faces, since I couldn't find any small sheets of wool felt.  However, I did use interfacing with the front fabric, and I used a cotton interfacing (really hard to find, but it is out there!).  I used flannel (leftover from stockings) for the back, and regular quilting cotton for the fronts and the hearts.  They're filled with feed corn.

They are very soft, very cute, and heat up really nicely.  I'm really really pleased with how they turned out, especially since I felt like I was kind of making it up as I went along. :)

This would be fairly easy to adapt to any simple shape, making this a very versatile project.  You could make hearts, stars, leaves, penguins, flowers, etc.  Using different fabrics to make faces or details multiplies the possibilities.  The only downside to these over the corn bags we've made before is that they don't have removable covers, meaning they can't be washed.

Love and Snuggle Flannel,
Leah Joy

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