Thursday, April 14, 2016

Handmade Drool Bibs

Josephine drools. She's a baby. That's just how it is. And oh my goodness, some days there is more drool than seems possible!  So I turned to Pinterest and found a few tutorials for drool bibs.  I made samples of both from leftover fabric I had in my stash.

The first was from this tutorial:

Maybe I didn't do something right, but it tends to lay more like this:

If I fuss with it, I can get it lay nicely, but it's not the natural flow of the fabric. Or maybe it's still a little big for her.

It's still cute, either way!

The second one was from this tutorial:

Since we didn't have any (cute) spare t-shirts to make this one, I just used more flannel pieces.  It's still way too big!

But it's still cute, and will fit her eventually. :)

I'll probably end up making a few more of these, especially as she starts teething and gets even more drooly.

I have such a cute little model.

Love and Velcro,
Leah Joy

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