Monday, April 18, 2016

The Quilt is Finished!

The quilt is done! After many many months of work (and long rest periods), my first quilt is finally done!  And I'm so happy and proud!

I keep saying, "It looks like a real quilt!"  I know it is a real quilt, but my brain is having a hard time with the idea that I could actually make a quilt.

It's certainly not perfect. I can't cut or sew a straight line to save my life, and the back is covered in puckers, but I still love it.

Jo is pretty happy with it, too.

My good Dutch girl self would love to tell you exactly how much I spent on it, but for once, I can't do that.  The front fabric is from so many different locations that it would be impossible to determine the cost. Some of the strips are leftovers from previous projects (mine, my family's, my friends'). Some are from remnant bins from various stores. Some I actually purchased as fat quarters. And then there are some that were in a grab bag of fabric I got from Freecycle.

For those who are interested, the final measurements for the quilt are 46" x 55", which is an inch bigger than I thought it'd be, and I'm still not sure how. :) I'm not a professional.

Love and Monkeys,
Leah Joy


  1. I'm glad you included the measurements, because I AM interested to know! It really turned out great Leah! As for the puckers, you kind of want those in a quilt anyhow, and more of them will appear naturally the more you wash it.