Thursday, May 12, 2016

Our Garden - Spring 2016

Well, folks, I've finally given up on gardening.

Okay, not entirely, but I have realized that the love of gardening my grandfather had, and that my dad and sister both have, did not get passed on to me.  In fact, I kind of hate it.  And so I rarely weed, and then, surprisingly, my garden yields very little, and I get frustrated and annoyed.  So I've decided gardening is not worth it for me.

However, I do still want to have a pretty yard, so I'll continue to add a bag of tulip bulbs every fall, because I can never have too many tulips.  And I'll probably still add a few perennials every year - stuff that doesn't require too much maintenance.

Here are some pictures of our front garden this year.  It consists almost entirely of tulips. :)

In the backyard, I still have my 4 rhubarb plants, which are doing really well!  One of them is even ready to divide!

Last year, Chloe and I planted three kinds of plants in the far back corner. (Translation: I purchased and Chloe planted.)  I'm very happy to report that they are all still alive this year, and seem to be doing quite well so far!

And that is all!  We do still have our raised beds where I've previously planted vegetables (and harvested only weeds).  I'm considering putting some wildflower seeds in there so it looks more intentional than just a bunch of weeds. :)

Love and Dirt,
Leah Joy

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