Friday, May 6, 2016

Nursery Update

My baby is now 5 months old! Wow!  It's also been 5 months since I first shared pictures of her nursery.  A lot has changed since then, so I thought it was time for an update.

Her crib has a bit more going on now. We had to add a breathable mesh bumper, because she kept getting her legs stuck between the slats and it freaked her out.  Most of her stuffed animal collection lives beneath her crib, waiting until she's old enough to do more than slobber on them.

Also, in case you couldn't tell, I did not clean up before I took these pictures.  I wanted to keep it real for you. (And I didn't want to clean.)  Next to her crib, on the floor, I keep her towels and a basket of bath toys and washcloths.  This maybe isn't the most logical place for them, but they don't really fit in the bathroom, and they're easier to grab from the floor than from in her closet.

Moving to the left, there's my rocking chair, along with another chair which actually just functions as a surface for burp cloths and a glass of water.  There's also her Rock 'n' Play, which has basically been a life/sleep saver.  In the far corner, I still have some craft stuff, too.

You may or may not have noticed, but the sewing machine and desk are gone! They have been moved into Caleb's office so that I can actually use them.  Boy, does her room feel a lot emptier without them!

The 12-cube organizer is still in place, and is a little more functional for her diaper changes now.  I still have the bags of next-size clothes all ready to go, too.

And then we're back to the changing table/dresser.

So of course, we'll peek inside.  This is how it is currently organized, but it has changed a few times since the last update.

The top drawer holds spare changing table pad covers, most of which are just blankets.  We also keep travel-size wet bags (for in the diaper bag), cloth diapers, and burp cloths.

The middle drawer holds onesies (separated into short- and long-sleeve), pants (in the bigger basket), hats, socks/shoes, and sleepers (separated into fleece and cotton).  This drawer changed the most.  In the beginning, I had it packed way too full.  I wasn't sure what size she was going to be, so I filled the dresser with all her clothes size Newborn through 3 months.  This meant at least half of the clothes in the dresser didn't even fit her - and I could hardly find the ones that did.  My mom came and helped me sort through the dresser and we narrowed it down so that we could actually find things - and get the drawers to open and shut.

The bottom drawer holds extra sheets and blankets, jackets/sweaters, overalls, and then a pile of outfit thingies for which I have no name other than 'jumpsuits'. (I really don't know what they're called.)

Having extra room in the drawers is really nice and helps keep it from getting overwhelming.  It's very easy to see what she has, since everything in there fits her.

Finally, the closet:

The hanging things haven't changed too much, but the stuff on the floor has. While it was nice to keep the bathtub in there before she could use it, now that she's using it frequently, it's pretty silly to cart the bathtub back and forth every time, so we keep it in the bathroom.  In its place on the floor of the closet, I now have bags of clothing Josephine has outgrown - plus my maternity clothes.  I do plan to eventually sort this all, fold it nicely, and put it into better storage, but for now this is functional.

And that's all, folks.  I'm sure it will continue to change, but for now, this is what works well for us.

Love and Crayons,
Leah Joy

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  1. Such a happy, pleasant room for your little Jo. Thanks for keeping it real. :-)