Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Changing Table Pad Covers

We purchased a changing table pad from Amazon for about $18, and were draping a blanket over it to act as a cover. However, Josephine is getting much more wiggly and we needed something a little more stable.  So, naturally, I turned to Pinterest and found a tutorial! :)

For the first one, I used a piece of fabric I had purchased from the remnant bin (one of the only pieces I've ever let myself purchase without having a project in mind).  The tutorial calls for a piece 48" x 32" which is pretty large, and this is the only piece of cute fabric I had on hand that met the size requirements.

It's very soft, slippery, and cool to the touch. Caleb says it reminds him of a pillowcase.  That being said, it was very difficult to measure and cut. It wouldn't lay flat - it just wanted to ripple.  Still, the tutorial is pretty simple and the final product is functional, even with my fabric choice.

Babies make every picture cuter. :)

After making the one, I was happy with the result, but wanted to make more, so we'd have a spare for laundry day (or in case of pee - which happens).  I didn't have any other pieces of cute fabric that were large enough, and I didn't want to buy anything new, so instead I pieced it together.

Anyone surprised I made a rainbow?

About 30 seconds after I put this cover on the changing table pad, Josephine christened it with a little spit-up.

This one was much easier to measure and cut to the right size, so naturally, it goes on a whole lot more easily.  

I love all the bright colors and fun patterns on this one.  Since this will get washed a lot, I chose to top-stitch all the seam allowances so that they wouldn't bunch up too much.  This was a good choice.

The only thing I'd change if I did this again was measure a little better.  I forgot to take the sides into account, so even though I made a pink-through-purple rainbow, it looks like I made a red-through-blue rainbow.

Seriously, everything looks better with a baby.

After using both of these for a couple weeks, I can officially say that the striped one is way better. It's easier to put on and take off, and it's holding up really well.  The pink one has already torn a bit.

Now to make a few more. :)

Love and Seams,
Leah Joy

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  1. Good job, Leah! They are lovely, and so practical.