Monday, June 12, 2017

Baby Girl Quilt

My cousin and his wife are expecting their 1st baby this summer! I've decided to make baby quilts 'my thing', so I made a cute baby girl quilt for them.

I was so pleased with the pattern I invented for my last baby quilt that I decided to just adapt it to a different color scheme. Without even knowing, I apparently picked the mom's favorite colors!

This one is a few inches bigger than the last one, mostly because I actually did the math right this time. :)

This was also the first time I got to use my rotary cutter. Boy is that thing awesome!

I used the same great binding tutorial that I did last time, and my corners turned out mostly good!

I also included a little hand-embroidered tag:

The back fabric was actually a (very large) remnant I found at our local fabric store.

It's so pretty and vibrant!

I'm so pleased with how this quilt turned out! Now someone else have a baby so I can make another one! :)

Love and Pink,
Leah Joy

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  1. Beautiful! Your cousin and his wife will love it!