Friday, October 16, 2009

And Then There Were Two: On Bathroom Talk

I haven't posted in a while, and then I do twice in one day? What the deal is, yo. (Yeah, I can't diagram that sentence either.)

Today, I was in the bathroom at school (yes, there is only one bathroom in all of campus... oh sarcasm) and thinking about bathroom talkers. I am one of these semi-annoying (mostly-endearing?) people. I talk to my friends while we're on the toilet. If no one else is in there, or if I'm in the bathroom at home, I sing or hum or whistle or something. (Don't ask for clarification of "something".) It seems that most of my friends are okay with that, and we often have interesting conversations. Or just normal conversations turned interesting because we're both peeing.


Some people are NOT bathroom talkers. They'd rather be quiet and take care of their business and go. (Haha... go.) And the thing is, you can't tell by looking at someone whether or not they're a bathroom talker. Sometimes, even if you know a person you can't tell.

Today, when I walked into the bathroom, one of my professors was in there, washing her hands. We said, "Hey," but conversation stopped at that, because I entered the stall. I didn't want to strike up a conversation because I wasn't sure if she's a bathroom talker. Did she not strike up a conversation because she's not a bathroom talker, or because she didn't know if I was one or not? (She usually does strike up a conversation with me.)

So, this left me in a ponderous mood. And I thought, "What a great blog: The Philosophies of Bathroom Talking."

How do we really know if people are cool with it? When I go into the bathroom and talk to a friend, how did that conversation begin? How did we both know that we were okay with bathroom talking? (Oh oh oh it's magic... you know you know you know...) (Yeah, I went there.)

Do guys talk in the bathroom?

Questions, questions, questions.

(That's all philosophy is, really.)

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