Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Wednesday Weird

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the first edition of the Wednesday Weird, in which Leah wonders about something really weird she saw this week.

Welcome to Cedar Springs, MI, where we celebrate underwear. No, I'm serious, we celebrate underwear. Our street poles have metal red flannel pants hanging from them. And this weekend is the Red Flannel Festival, complete with a parade, a PowderPuff football game, and a fireworks show. Don't forget the flapjack breakfast and the Bingo tournament! And then, there's a pageant. And a local girl gets named Red Flannel Queen.

I actually met this year's Red Flannel Queen and a member of the court at the Cedar Springs Meijer this week. Caleb knows the member from camp and she and the Queen were out shopping for candy bars. They're both lovely young women, but I can't help but think it's a little weird to be named Queen of Lumberjack Underwear.

Oh oh! I just read that there's going to be a Cornhole Tournament and a Tractor Pull!!!

In all honesty, I guess if you're going to be unique and celebrate underwear, I'd rather you celebrate red flannel than tighty-whiteys. That would just look really awkward on the street poles.

I'm sure next week's Wednesday Weird will be some sort of review... or maybe I'll skip the Tractor and Engine show and stay home all weekend so I don't get arrested for not wearing red! (Fact! If you're caught not wearing red, and you don't have your $1 bail, you will spend the day in jail.)

To check out the festival for yourself, click here.

Love and Underwear.

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  1. "I before E, except after C". Weird.

    Have fun at the Red Flannel Festival. Go ahead...embrace your inner redneck. Enjoy!!