Thursday, March 1, 2012

Baby Pies!

I'd seen several pictures of mini-pies made in muffin tins and I wanted to try the same thing. But, what if it doesn't turn out? My greatest cooking fear is wasting perfectly good pie filling. It just so happened that one of my husband's previous roommates had purchased a can of blueberry pie filling and then not used it. And then had left it. And so I totally had dibs.

Normally, I'd donate it or find some other way to get rid of it. Store-bought pie filling? Why? It's not even that tasty, and I can make way better pie filling myself for less. And mine is healthier. So there.

But, to make these pies, I was willing to try it. Besides, I made it for the high school group that meets with Caleb twice a month, so they could be my guinea pigs.

I used a homemade pie crust (find the recipe in this post) and my favorite big mug worked great as a cookie cutter. I cut out big circles and then kind of hammock'd them in to each spot. Then I shaped them a little bit in place. I lined all 12 spots, but I wasn't sure how many the filling would, well, fill. It did all 12, but they were kind of scant. I can't decide if it was better this way (because it didn't spill over when heated and because it's kind of a gross filling), or if I should have made fewer, fuller ones.

Finally, I made another crust and topped them. This was harder than I thought, and I didn't want to work too hard, so I did a lattice top on two of them, but since it didn't turn out cute I gave up and just cut little shapes out. If you have mini cookie cutters, this is the place to use them!

There are 11 of them. I guess the lattice top didn't look too horrible, but it was a lot of work! (For the second to last one, I was tired of making tops, so I just put on all the cut-out shapes.)

They're so cute! (Stupid camera spot.)

You may think mini-pies is a great name for them, but I think baby pies is so much cuter!

These are great for ... well anything! They're tidier than pie (if served cold, they're very messy warm) and they still taste like pie!

But make your own filling! Because these were gross except for the crust.

Love and Pie,
Leah Joy

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