Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles

These are worth your time. Make them.

As usual, I used butter and cow milk (not soy milk). I also used melted chocolate chips and a bit of oil for my coating. As it turns out, however, the Meijer brand candy coating (Candi-Quik) is only a few cents more expensive per ounce than chocolate chips, and that difference is probably made up in the oil I use. Therefore, the only reason to use chocolate chips instead of candy coating is because you're more likely to have chocolate chips in the house and you need to make these now.

They are addicting and delicious. Finally! - chocolate chip cookie dough I can eat without fear of salmonella! And it's coated in chocolate!

Decorate them however you want. I coated them in melted milk chocolate chips because that's all we had left and the milk chocolate turns a slightly sickly-looking brown when it cools/hardens so I drizzled just a little melted vanilla chips over the top to distract from the brown. And it worked. But you could use sprinkles or just leave them plain. They're going to be gone in 5 minutes anyway.

Oh yeah, and she says the baking soda is only for taste (since you don't actually bake these) and I might leave it out next time. When I was eating the dough before I coated it (I had to taste test - one can't bring a treat to a SuperBowl party that one has never tasted*!) it tasted a bit too salty. Not a crazy amount, just a titch. But then when it was coated in chocolate, you couldn't tell so much anymore. So it's up to you.

Make them.

Love and Chocolate,
Leah Joy

*Or eaten 1/4 cup of?

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