Friday, March 9, 2012

Hats Off!

What a cheesy title. But I couldn't resist. I wanted to show you some pictures of all the hats I've made recently.

You've already seen my rainbow hat.

I made this one for my friend Grace. It's navy blue with a light blue favorite flower.

This one was for Chloe. It's purple with a little blue flower. I used some yellow yarn to stitch a "center".

This one was for my mom. I made her a hat a couple years ago that was about this blue with a green stripe and it was super cute (and made from some really nice yarn) but then she lost it. :( So I made her this one for Christmas.

This one was so much fun to make! I made it for Claire, one of the girls I used to nanny. (Her sister, Sarah, got those blue wristwarmers I made.) She loves pink and anything crazy she can put on her head. She has a giant pink flower clip (about 6 in diameter and it's pretty much a big flower ball) and instead of clipping it to her ponytail or something, she puts it on the side of her head where you'd put a smaller clip. So I let myself go crazy here. Hot pink hat with a bright purple flower (again, a yellow "center"). Then I added a pom-pom made with the same pink, the blue from my mom's hat, and the purple (from her flower and Chloe's hat!). Finally, I trimmed with some "Bling yarn" that I bought a while ago because ... it was shiny.... But it's really annoying to work with unless you're doing something simple like trimming a hat. :) I didn't follow any specific stitch around, just kind of slip-stitching just to attach the yarn all the way around. Anyway, Claire absolutely loves this hat. :)

I made these all with this basic pattern, which can be knit flat and then stitched up the side. (I'm terrified of knitting in the round.)

If you've only knit squares and rectangles before, a hat may sound really intimidating (at least it did for me) but this pattern is really easy. You'll have to know how to knit and purl - and also how to decrease by knitting two stitches together. I like the small size for most people, but if you have big hair, maybe medium would be better. :) But the small size fits everyone from my dad and husband to Claire and Chloe. (It also squishes my hair, which is probably why I still wear that one medium one I made.)

Love and Pineapple,
Leah Joy

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