Monday, March 5, 2012

The Monday Rant: Being Sick and Ladybugs

Caleb and I spent the weekend being sick. It started on our date on Friday night. He took me to see The Vow (which I loved) and then we were going to go to this little Mexican place for dinner, but the wait was 30 minutes, and we were really hungry. Instead, we went to Subway (also, cheaper). I don't know if it was something I ate there, or if I would have been sick anyway, but I felt sick to my stomach for the rest of the night. Because we saved money by eating Subway, we went to Meijer and got some Hudsonville ice cream (also, it was on sale) (and cheese, because there was a super great sale and we got 8oz bags of cheese for $0.93 each).

By the time we got home, I felt horrible, so I got in my PJs and went to bed. I don't remember much of the next several hours, except that I was alternately burning up and freezing cold, so I definitely had a fever. It doesn't help that we don't have a thermometer.

In the morning, I felt much better so I went to watch my little brother get yet another perfect score at KBC. When I got home, Caleb was feeling poorly and by mid-afternoon, when we wanted to go to his parents' for dinner, we were both sick. Fevers, exhaustion, headaches, and sore throats. We decided not to share with his family.

And then we skipped church, on a Sunday we were both in the band, because we were so sick. (Don't worry, we called the night before to warn of our potentially lingering illnesses.) (Is it bad that I was relieved to miss church? I'm afraid I was starting to get burned out on getting up at 6 every Sunday [when it's cold and dark, not fair!] and it was nice to have a week off, even if I had to have a fever, headache, and insomnia to pay for it.)

I'm all better now, but Caleb is still a little under the weather (technically, aren't we all?). I think he used an entire box of tissues today.

And we watched 9 episodes of Eureka over the course of 2 days.

So today, because I haven't cleaned up the house in a while, and it was really bad because we were sick, I dusted and vacuumed. My two least favorite household chores. I make myself dust at least twice a year (yes, I hate it that much), but vacuuming needs to be done far more often. At least every other week, or whenever company is coming over. Well, we haven't had company in a while... and I hate it... so it had been longer than I care to admit.

And there were ladybugs everywhere! I hate ladybugs! You all think they're so cute and you dress your children in them for Halloween costumes and you paint your toenails like them. You have clearly never lived in an apartment infested with the accursed creatures. My children will dress up like spiders before they dress up like ladybugs. Believe me, ladybugs are far less cute when they are crawling over your dinner table and drowning in your dishwater.

And as all my rants end abruptly, this one does, too.

Love and Vitamin C,
Leah Joy

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